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Adwolf Archery, Qualified Shooters List
you must have 3 shoots in, to be qualified
for the Championship Shoot to be held Sep 1

Open Money | Unlimited | Known 50 | Open Trophy
Seniors | Bowhunter | Traditional

Open Money
Steven Altizer
Jamie Corum
Jimmy Peake
Logan Frye
Mike Hopkins
Charlie Thomas
Chap Vipperman
Donnie Meadows
Jeremiah Osborne
Derek Brown
Austin Reese
Larry Kade
Nathan Winters
Joel Penley
Nathan Thomas
Derek Crouse
Adam Wise
Terry Adams

Kevin Kilby
Mark Campbell
David Rash

Known 50
Todd Chapman
Cody Brant
Jamie Thomas
Todd Miller
Kenny Owens

Open Trophy
Johnathan Harrison
Kenny Owens
Elijah Gragg
Duane Pickle
Rodney Sexton
Victor Farthing
Ronnie Hayes
Derek Klug
Tim Briley
Scott Porterfield
Larry Viers
Jeremiah Osborne
Buck Lambert
Doug Hatley
Tyler Hall
Mike Holmes
Derek Alexander
Sam Thomas
Allen Cannon

Allen Blevins
Darrell Dyson
Johnny Viers
Sid Lett
Jerry Campbell
Greg Meadows
Kenneth Davis
Steve Vinson
Nick Bailey
Ken Lilly
Dennis Henderson
Clarence Roten
Shane Pennington
Don Mccarter

Brock Baker
Benny Frye
Tony Snodgrass
Tommy Cannon
Gray Lewis
Harry Frye
Travis Casey
Chad Ray
Joe Louk
Anthony Cregger
Dave Atkins
John Thomas
Landon Jenkins
Chris Thomas
Robert Belcher
Duane Pickle
Bobby Morrison
Nathan Wolfe
Chris E. Thomas

Sam Rhudy
Jack Rhudy
Jim Fields
Donnie Dingus
Kevin Dingus
Danny Arney
T.P. Sells
Cecil Louthern
Donnie Kinard

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