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Kingsport Archery Club
2016 Championship Qualifier List
Championship to be held August 27, 2016
10:00 am Shotgun Start

Open Money | Hunter | Open Trophy | Known 50 | Seniors | Known 40 Men | Known 40 Women
Women Hunter | Women Open | Women Open Trophy | Traditional | Youth/Young Adult | Cubs


This is an updated list of the qualified shooters after the Aug 13/14 shoot.
If your name is not on this list you will not be able to shoot in the Championship
if it is not on here and you feel it should be please contact me at dstaylor21@gmail.com
or call or text me at 276-596-0704 as soon as possible so we can figure it out. The
Championship will be August 27 with a 10:00am shotgun start please be there and signed
up by 9:30 so we can get everyone on the pegs. Please contact me if you think your name
should be on this list and is not it is less than 2 weeks away. Thanks and hope to see
you there it should be fun.

Open Money
Stephen Altizer
Caleb Lewis
Wes Waites
JR Thomas

Dillion Craft
Mike Vicars
Issac Sproles
Ryan Manuel
Greg Skelton
Phil Goodson
Tyler Gilliam
Brad Carr

Open Trophy
Vance Gibson
Chris Cannon
Doug Hatley
Adam Cannon
Allen Cannon
Carl Howell

Known 50
Jamie Thomas
Richard Owens
Kenny Owens
Sam Thomas
Nick Lester
Deck Miller
Adam Kiser
Daryl Lovelace
Randy Saul
Dennis Taylor
James Alexander
Sam Adams
JR Thomas

Sid Lett
Kenneth Davis
Jerry Campbell
Gary Mumpower
Darrell Dyson
Fred Bowling
Larry Brown
Robert Fizer
Allen Blevins

Known 40 Men
Seth Austin
Deck Miller
Logan Altizer
Daryl Lovelace
Kenneth Neely
Ed Rich
Justin Peterson
Kenneth Hileman
Josh Skelton
Jonathon Chandler
Micky Cox
Mathew Lawson
Greg Skelton
Michael A Campbell
Adam Wise
Peanut Cannon
Landon Sayers
Brent Davenport
David Cannon
Tristan Hughes
Mike Cannon
Marcus Sayers
Mike Blevins
Gary Craig
Phillip Williams
LD Lewis
Chris Cannon
Trey Meade
John Robinson
Andrew Jones
Charles Wilson

Known 40 Women
Becca Waites
April Mumpower
Elizabeth Hileman
Kristie Cannon
Jessica Surber
Christina Rudman

Women Hunter
Hope Rogers
Autumn Cannon
Debra Lester

Women Open
Pat Lett
April Mumpower

Women Open Trophy
Brittany Gibson

Jason Dean
Austin Sutherland

Youth/Young Adult
Cody Cogdill
Arron Carr

Dakota Waites
Johnathon Robinson

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