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Morristown Archery Club Indoor Results
February 13, 2010
Extravaganza Qualifier

More Info on Morristown

1. Kenny Weaver 	49x
2. Chad Dellinger       49x
3. Howard Starcher      47x
4. Seth French          43x
5. Shane Tweed          42x
6. John Hudgens         40x
7. Chris Holt           40x
8. James R. Bailey      32x
9. Chase White          32x
10. Brandon Tweed      	31x
11. Jr. Shultz          29x
12. Melissa Helton       6x
13. Chad Dellinger II   n/c

Qualifing Round for upcoming Morristown Xtravaganza to be held Mar 13, 2010

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