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Western Carolina Bowhunter Outdoor 3D Results
May 25, 2019
25 Targets

Elem. School Traditional Male | Elementary School Fixed Pins Male | Middle School Traditional Female
Middle School Traditional Male | Middle School Fixed Pins Male | Men's Traditional Recurve
Men's Beginner Hunter | Men's Unlimited Bowhunter


Class 1M
Elem. School
Traditional Male       Score
1. Ben MacDonald        125
2. Jacob MacDonald      123

Class 2M
Elementary School
Fixed Pins Male
1. Gregory Tice         182

Class 4F
Middle School
Traditional Female
1. Rebekah MacDonald    122
2. Kaiya Thomas         107

Class 4M
Middle School
Traditional Male
1. Walter Thomas        128

Class 5M
Middle School
Fixed Pins Male
1. Caleb Yates          227

Class 10
Men's Traditional
1. Barry MacDonald      122

Class 14
Men's Beginner Hunter
1. Matthew Tice         185

Class 15
Men's Unlimited
1. Chad Yates           236

We also had 15 practice shooters

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